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Who We Work With

Nurturing talent in diverse communities
Attracting diverse audiences to classical music
We Are Inclusive
We work with all young people and their families who have an interest, curiosity or passion in music and education.
We especially welcome those families from African, Caribbean and Asian backgrounds who are currently under-represented in classical music education.
We work with gifted and talented young musicians who are interested in pursuing music to the highest standards.
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Through concerts and events at local and high profile venues we introduce classical music to diverse audiences.
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Events Gallery
See our Image Gallery of some of the concerts and events that Kuumba Youth Orchestra have been involved with recently and in the past.
The gallery will be updated as often as we can so keep visiting to see what we've been up to.
Book Concerts

You can book us for the live experience of Kuumba Youth Orchestra.
Kuumba Youth Orchestra, formed in 2009, enables young people from 5 to 18 years old to achieve their potential through access to high quality classical music education.
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